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Pawsome Lisa

I’m a professional, very friendly and reliable dog walker providing walking and pet visit services around Hucknall.

  • I am fully insured and CRB/DBS checked for your peace of mind.
  • I am very flexible to individual pet needs and am happy to help with any extra requests.  
  • I will also take photos and send updates on how your dog is doing.
  • I will clean up after your pet if need be and make sure I leave them in a clean, safe environment.
  • I can guarantee you your pets will be taken care of with love and respect as if they are my own.

I have completed the following courses

  • Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business
  • Puppy Training
  • Dog Behaviour and Psychology
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Canine First Aid
  • Understanding Canine Aggression
  • Canine Nutrition
  • Managing Multidog Households

Benefits of a Dog Walker

  • Health – your dog gets a great workout to keep them healthy, fit and happy
  • Mental stimulation – walks are filled with interesting smells, sounds, and different things to see and do preventing boredom
  • A routine toilet break – your dog will get a bit of a break in the day to relieve themselves and stretch their legs
  • Behaviour – a tired dog is a well behaved dog! The more walks a dog gets the less likely he is to bark, chew or develop other problem behaviours
  • Socialization – your dog will be able to get out the house, socialize with other animals and people

Benefits of  Pet Visits

  • Health – your pet will be provided with food, fresh water and medication if required.
  • Mental stimulation – your pet will get attention, fuss and plenty of play
  • A routine toilet break – your pet will get a bit of a break in the day to relieve themselves and stretch their legs
  • Behaviour – To reinforce toilet training and prevent 'boredom behaviour' from being left alone too long.

Benefits of Home Boarding

  • Your dog gets plenty of one on one attention, fun and games and endless love and attention
  • Your dog will get a minimum of two long walks a day.
  • Dogs settle in quicker in a home environment
  • Dogs are less likely to feel stressed or suffer separation anxiety
  • Your dog is free to roam around the house and garden and is welcomed as part of the family!
  • Less risk of diseases like kennel cough
  • There is less disruption to your dogs routine. We are happy to follow your regular walking, feeding and exercise regimes which helps to reduce their anxiety when away from home

Pawsome Lisa
20 Justinian Close
NG15 8GR
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